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People who are gender transitioning face a lot of obstacles in getting medical care. One of the biggest obstacles is the simplest: How am I going to pay for any of this?

It's the opinion of this web site that no trans* person should have to pay for their transition care. If we expect people to pay for transition, then what we are really saying is the only people who deserve to transition are the ones who can afford it. Gender transition is medically necessary care for the people who seek it, and health insurers and state Medicaid systems should be required to cover it (and yes, that includes surgery). In an increasing number of states, the law now agrees.

This website will help you figure out what state laws and regulations exist to assist you in getting transition coverage— and how to take advantage of them.

So far we have exhaustive information for one state:

We have partial information for these states:

Regardless of state:

In Progress

There's a lot of work still to do. Want to help?

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